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Napoleon Picasso Valentino Madrid:

He is a man with a dream to inspire the creation of  millions of jobs now and into the next century with his new technology.

He will leave positive mark on this world.

He will change the face of humanity while creating millions of jobs worldwide that in a collective possesses the potential to the trillions of dollars in estimated total revenue.

He is a man that wants to exhaust his pure imagination, talents, skills, gifts and all of his abilities so we can be ready for what the next century has in store for us.

Brief history of Napoleon

Napoleon is a man with much to offer.

It would be a shame to deny these technologically advanced devices made in order to save humanity. A prodigy, servant, visionary and a renaissance man, self- educated in numerous fields of business, engineering and science that are continually expanding his field of studies  A  former candidate for Texas Governor that has kept his family tradition as a human exercising civil, constitutional consumer rights.

He is an activist for the positive building of creation and humanity, was a county judge, jury consultant, criminal investigator, and legal forensic examiner specialist.

He is a fifth generation athlete an over comer.

He is a Renaissance man, inventor, automotive and mechanical engineer, writer, poet, musician, artist, interior, fashion designer and market product placement annalist.

Also inventing new applications and devices to eliminate piracy, 5-D Software for the use in film, television and video games to include Hardware/PCs, Telecommunication devices/Networking and new Operational Designer!

This is just the beginning of Napoleon Madrid’s creations that he will achieve during this century.

Also, he excels in science and has become the inventor of new medical technology devices capable of locating deformed cells or tumors and eradicating them.

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