Beyond the boundaries

Also, NASA went beyond the boundaries of normal thinking sending a men to space and now far beyond.  We here at Napoleon are always trying to go where no man has gone before and do what no one has done or thought of doing! Question: Why should vehicles or anything else should be using inefficient archaic methods of toxic fossil fuels? Answer: Out of greed!

It’s not that technology will not let us get there. It is those in power and control of obsolete energy refusing us to move forward by stopping the use of old fuels. Why? The answer is they would no longer be in power and would continue to keep the world enslaved and held hostage to high energy prices all out of shameless greed. We need to take our world back and to embrace our new energies and technologies.  Join us today and help us liberate our world from the archaic toxic methods of energy and embrace our Eco-friendly dream energy that will illuminate all of the darkened parts of the world.  Let us not deny this opportunity to a single person or country; we should all have the right to a better way of life.

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