Innovative awareness

His innovative awareness of applying new energy devices is his most contemporary technology,  utilizing today’s equipment to create the answer along with radical concepts in new applications of the use of energy!

This can be proficient by isolating, altering extracting simply by applying new methods for manipulating the energy of cell or cells and combining new methods to implement the lowest or no cost of energy use for centuries to come!

Chemical molecular energy acceleration Bio flexes fuels, mechanical self-propulsion.

This technology will redefine lower cost energies by reusing linear, static, solar, wind, steam, water, magnetic, bio, fuel cells, core, microwave, radio-waves, motion, temperature, microscopic, practical & perpetual energies with hundreds of innovative energy applications, this century.

Also, it will generate a method to eliminate the act of piracy, and new ways for data storage with new devices to be used for film, Video, Music and PC software.

Furthermore, design will be created for a 12 Global net telecommunication satellite able to transmit Radio, Television, internet and Cell to a billion customers every millisecond.

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