Inventor of innovative medical technology devices

Also, Napoleon excels in science and has become the inventor of new medical technology devices capable of locating deformed cells or tumors and eradicating them.

Through gene alternating therapy this will allow alternative methods to alter our DNA and eliminating the production of abnormal growths of cells, tissues or organs.

One of his devices will be able to take a persons DNA cell and grow within weeks or month’s new limbs, tissues, organs, stem or brain cells.

One day, he plans to abolish the archaic methods of surgery and its use of medications by creating cures from preventive medicine by utilizing his technology.

He has the most technically advanced medical devices capable of prolonging the quality of life and methods capable of reducing, reversing and stopping illnesses created by the body.

What more can one man give that is willing to contribute all of him self for the bettering of mankind for generations to come.

Napoleon has innovative revolutionary concepts for medical treatment to cure infectious diseases by applying our latest technology and utilizing today’s equipment from beginning to end and by exploring outside of the box with radical ideas for cures!

These technological advances can be accomplished by extracting, altering, isolating or limiting the damaged cell or cells and using old and new medical methods.

The only way to find out is by testing everyone to see how large the epidemic really is!

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One Of America's Innovators