Napoleon Madrid American’s Brilliant Scientist

Napoleon is a unique, considerate, devoted, courageous, intelligent, creative and driven person.  He accomplishes this by using the purest thought to help and focus others.  For the environment he will create products capable of saving mans natural resources in ways that are cost effective while being customer friendly!  He is an innovator, motivator, visionary and one of the most creative minds of our time!  When people say “It can’t be done,”   he says, “yes it can” He sets out to see how it can be done and done right the first time!

This  evolutionary visionary can see the future profitability’s bring to one another.

His innovative awareness of applying new energy devices is his most contemporary technology,  utilizing today’s equipment to create the answer along with radical concepts in new applications of the use of energy!  This can be proficient by isolating, altering extracting simply by applying new methods for manipulating the energy of cell or cells and combining new methods to implement the lowest or no cost of energy use for centuries to come! Chemical molecular energy acceleration Bio flexes fuels, mechanical self-propulsion.  This technology will redefine lower cost energies by reusing linear, static, solar, wind, steam, water, magnetic, bio, fuel cells, core,  microwave, radio-waves,  motion, temperature, microscopic, practical & perpetual energies with hundred of innovative energy applications, this century.   Also, it will generate a method to eliminate the act of piracy, and new ways for data storage with new devices to be used for film, Video, Music and PC software.  Furthermore, design will be created for a 12 Global net telecommunication satellite able to transmit Radio, Television, internet and Cell to a billion customers every millisecond.

This one man has unlimited potential with his remarkable pure imagination, gifts, talents and abilities. Some of us have great abilities others, but fewer like Mr. Madrid have unimaginable abilities. We all have gifts talents and abilities at different levels but some of us are fortunate to be called visionaries, to be able to embrace the future and welcome the good coming from it.

Napoleon Madrid with United Americans is capable of creating 100’s of millions of new jobs worldwide.

When Mr. Madrid tells you that it can be done, then you better believe it.

He is not comparable to anyone due to his amazing talents having unimaginable abilities of being fearless and defiant of the laws of nature.  Napoleon possesses the best talents and unimaginable abilities of all of these great men combined; Leonardo de Vinci, Nicolai Tesla, Ben Franklin, Wright brothers, Carl Benz, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Howard Hughes, Jim Thorp, Muhammad Ali and Bill Wallace. Mr. Madrid’s comprehension is well beyond most everyone’s ability to comprehend. Mr. Madrid does not believe in rules or in the laws of physics or science it demonstrates to him their ignorance and fears of the unknown. Someone else’s limitations do not set boundaries for Mr. Madrid’s pure imagination but drives his where no man has gone before, to infinity and beyond to the purest level of contemplation; this is how his mind works.

He is also one of the most remarkably unique, considerate, devoted, courageous, straightforward, intelligent creative and driven people you will ever meet.  He acquires these talents by using the purest thought by helping others and considering the environment by creating innovative products and saving mankind’s resources in ways that are cost effective while being customer friendly! He has become an innovator and a visionary when people say, “it can’t be done” Napoleon is left with his undying question: “Why not?” and he sets out to find out how it can be done.

Napoleon asks himself all the time: “How can it be done, and if it can be done how can it be created more efficiently?” For instance, history has given us brilliant minds; now in the 21st century Napoleon could be one of the greatest minds to those in the business.  The world can embrace his ideas and prosper because of them beyond anyone’s imagination or be left behind and watch others prosper.

By opening accounts at financial institutions United Americans will be encouraging their account holders to donate throughout the year, thus generating money in the millions in accounts in institutions; not to mention it is tax deductible. Next by bringing in investors and sharing in the profits it will save you money once again! One way to create money is to have United Americans reinvest our money into financial institutions again so as to create more money. There are six new ways for you institutions to generate money from United Americans. In the long run this will become a win for everyone by having unlimited new opportunities for high yielding investments and always making money!

We all recognize the history of great inventors but are you able to see great inventors of today and ones to come? Our country is awaiting inventors who will revolutionize the next century, as those who came before them.

Mr. Madrid will display to us all within time greater abilities, then his forefather in their fields of faith, business, technology, science, medical research, engineering, design, manufacturing, finance, job creation and as a all around sports athlete, he is the true meaning of a real savy Renaissance Man. Those who embrace his technology will help revolutionize the world.

There are new ways of taking something old and making it to look new, revitalizing it for consumers while still generating profit.

Leonardo de Vinci is the forefather of technology and inventions his devices were considered beyond his own time. Mr. Madrid will create the most technologically advanced solicitations in our time and wild will be used for centuries to come, and be his by creating tomorrow’s innovative energy, transportation, and medicine devices furthermore space age ECO-friendly building materials with job creation solutions for the world now.

Ben Franklin created a new way for the world to use electricity. Napoleon desires to harness and create different, cleaner energies at a lower cost! Thomas Edison was one of the forefathers who helped create the light bulb. Nevertheless Napoleon wants to create a self-illuminating bulb.

The Wright brothers followed by Howard Hughes pushed the envelope on aviation and made planes capable of flying faster and longer. Napoleon desire is to push it one step further by having aircraft create their own source of propulsion as opposed to fuel.

Carl Benz was the first man to create the automobile followed by Henry Ford.  Napoleon wants to build transportation capable of creating its own energy and a fuel cell giving us a hundred thousand miles a charge!

Devices create many blue prints making ideas for the future possible and wonderful things can be created for the betterment to our life. Inventors are the idealists of any industry and need to be recognized for their contribution of modernization. Napoleon is the blue print and you are the means. Let’s make the future possible. So we ask the world to join us to create a better life for the world and its future!

Albert Einstein through his brilliance overcame his inabilities.  He advanced our mathematical horizons and our future. Napoleon has many great philosophies to better our way of life and only brilliance can devise such thoughts.

Napoleon possesses the same abilities that all of these individuals had.  He holds the answer to the equation that man has been questioning for centuries.

Communication started from passing word of mouth to writing letters to sending information through wires, to the telephone and now, the Internet.

Radio evolved: AM, FM, and Satellite Radio!

Telephones evolved: from on of the first phones, to the cranking, all the way to the cell phone!

Television evolved: NBC, ABC, CBS, Ted Turner, HBO and Pay Per-view!

Napoleon is designing new satellites able to handle over ten billion customers simultaneously capable of relating to other land bases, built all throughout the world. He will create one source handling all media leading beyond the digital age!

Energy has evolved: Wood, Coal, Steam, Electricity, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear. He has the answer to the next level of ECO-friendly green energy that will eliminate today’s archaic methods of creating energy sources.  This archaic method which leaves toxic wastes polluting our environment and killing our children out of greed!  Nuclear energy is evil, toxic, costly and ineffective. It is an ignorant man’s way to create energy.

Napoleon is developing new sources of clean energy which will lower costs to customers!

We will be taking today’s innovative energy one step further by building large energy panel, self-propelled, static, radio, micro, heat & cell manipulation energy plants, devising many more ways to create clean energy!

Technology evolved: IBM, Apple, Microsoft, and Dell.

Entertainment Media: Radio, Film, Television and now the internet.

Yes U/A is taking it to the next level by introducing, 22nd century technology with Napoleon at the helm. Yes breaking barriers with new technologies. He asks one question, why not?

We all recognize with each passing decade, entertainment media evolve. Once it was vaudeville, radio, films, and now television and the Internet, so what methods of communications are coming next?  These methods will derive from United Americans.

Media storage came with the record disc, reel to reel, 8 track tapes, cassette tape, CD and the DVD!

United Americans is now working on six new forms of media and will have one ready for release every two years, to be used by our sponsors exclusively to increase their bottom line!

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