Greater abilities

Mr. Madrid will display to us all within time greater abilities, then his forefather in their fields of faith, business, technology, science, medical research, engineering, design, manufacturing, finance, job creation and as an all-around sports athlete, he is the true meaning of a real say Renaissance Man. Those who embrace his technology will help revolutionize the world.

There are new ways of taking something old and making it to look new, revitalizing it for consumers while still generating profit.

Leonardo de Vinci is the forefather of technology and inventions his devices were considered beyond his own time. Mr. Madrid will create the most technologically advanced solicitations in our time and wild will be used for centuries to come, and be his by creating tomorrow’s innovative energy, transportation, and medicine devices furthermore space age Eco-friendly building materials with job creation solutions for the world now.

Ben Franklin created a new way for the world to use electricity. Napoleon desires to harness and create different, cleaner energies at a lower cost! Thomas Edison was one of the forefathers who helped create the light bulb. Nevertheless Napoleon wants to create a self-illuminating bulb.

The Wright brothers followed by Howard Hughes pushed the envelope on aviation and made planes capable of flying faster and longer. Napoleon desire is to push it one step further by having aircraft create their own source of propulsion as opposed to fuel.

Carl Benz was the first man to create the automobile followed by Henry Ford.  Napoleon wants to build transportation capable of creating its own energy and a fuel cell giving us a hundred thousand miles a charge!

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